The inception for this festival started because there wasn’t a premiere, high quality independent horror film festival in Michigan that we as filmmakers, were excited to go to and have a unique, satisfying, informative, experience. We want to create buzz about films we are excited for people to see, we want to spark discussion with people about the art, we want to create an atmosphere that is creepy and unsettling for a one of a kind Halloween weekend that will have filmmakers and movie goers coming back.

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    What started as shameless self promotion of Tyler and Andrew’s short film “Viewer”  quickly exceeded expectations that halloween weekend. The skeleton team prepped a dozen local Michigan Made horror films to play for an audience and ultimately premiere their film “Viewer”. What was thought to be a crowd of friends and family quickly changed when The Times Herald posted an interview promoting the event. Before the doors to Loft 912 even opened, people were lining up at the door. When it was all said and done, it was a standing room only event. Completely astonished, the DDD team realized they really had something special, and that there was a want for a greater film community in the Blue Water Area.

    Exceeding expectations by more than double the inaugural year, DDD grew the festival to have multiple screens, and multiple unique venues including iconic Sperry’s Moviehouse and Loft 912 all located in beautiful downtown Port Huron Michigan. The festival opened itself up to international submissions and received films from over 20 countries. The festival also started accepting feature films. Two noteworthy films that the festival was able to screen were Charismata and instant cult classic Tonight She Comes. The team also started to have extra curricular activities to do in-between screenings of film such as Campfire Ghost Stories told by a local actor and Tarot Readings. The kickoff event Friday night was nearly a sold out event, and had moviegoers coming back to see more the following day!

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