We have separated all of the short films into convenient blocks based on themes of their subject matter. The amazing short films that have been submitted to us range from campy all the way to deeply unsettling. Each block of films has 8-12 short horror films that add up to about  90 minutes worth of viewing pleasure. Below are the 3 short film categories; Killers & Gore Block, Monsters & More Block, Psychological Block.

Killers & Gore Lineup


Hayder Hasen | 12 minutes

Don’t Eat That

Sandy Shelton | 3 minutes

Studded Nightmare

Jean-Claude Leblanc | 9 minutes

The One I Adore

Jason Seelman | 8 minutes

We Are Going Into The Woods

Arnaud Bigeard | 19 minutes

Goodnight Gracie

Stellan Kendrick | 6 minutes

One by One, Down the List

David Kniffen | 11 minutes

Like Every Morning

Cédric Dupuis | 9 minutes

Killers & Gore Block Screenings

Monsters & More Lineup

Rabbid Jacob

 Donovan Alonso-Garcia | 19 minutes

Simple Simon

Maninder Chana | 8 minutes

After Ashes

Jesse McAnally | 15 minutes

Once Bitten

Pete Tomkies | 10 minutes

The Plan

Pierre Teulières | 13 minutes

Cat Box

Kris Kristensen | 10 minutes


Jondaniel Cornett | 6 minutes


 Joan Cobos | 11 minutes

Red Josephine

Vladimir Leshchenko | 9 minutes

Monsters & More Block Screenings

Psychological Lineup


Bret Miller | 6 minutes

Death of Midnight Voyage

Travis Boone | 6 minutes


Bryan Hiltner | 16 minutes


Milad Farajollahi | 12 minutes

The Invaders

Mateo Márquez | 6 minutes


Sotiris Petridis, Tania Nanavraki | 7 minutes

Hope in a Box

Mick Dow | 7 minutes


Victor Perez  | 10 minutes


Fernando Ruiz | 3 minutes

The Woman Who Hid Her Fear Under the Stairs

Faye Jackson | 15 minutes

Psychological Block Screenings

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